Image of The MacGregor's Lady (MacGregor Series)


Image of The MacGregor's Lady (MacGregor Series)

Burrowes delivers a powerful and moving romance, replete with intense emotions and appealing characters. Although the hero and heroine come from seemingly different backgrounds they find similar threads in their motivations — due to Burrowes’ wonderful ability to create complex characters who leap off the pages. This is a deeply engrossing, well-written, not-to-be-missed novel!

Asher MacGregor has spent more than a decade as a physician and has built a profitable shipping line in Canada. Once his wife dies, he returns to Scotland to start life anew as the Earl of Balfour and marry to secure an heir. One of his obligations is to squire Boston heiress Hannah Cooper around London. Hannah is prepared to be miserable and find the quickest way home until she meets Asher. Though Asher proposes three times, Hannah struggles with her feelings and desire. Asher must prove to Hannah that he loves her and will provide a secure future for her family before she allows her fears to destroy their fragile love. (SOURCEBOOKS, Feb., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin