Cleve MacKenzie is in Ft. Worth to find a man, not to play cards; but when his winning hand nets him a casino, Cleve figures Ft. Worth is as good a town as any to sit and gather information on Charlie Walden's whereabouts.

Running away from an arranged marriage is a brave thing for Adriana Maria Fuentes to do, and getting to Ft. Worth is not easy, but Adriana is determined to find her twin brother. But once she arrives, Adriana learns her brother is gone.

Cleve notices the young, beautiful woman in a wedding dress wandering the streets and knows that she's the woman for him. He always knew he'd know right away when the right woman came around.

Cleve takes her to his casino, hoping to find work she can do, but as a rich man's daughter, Adriana is not skilled at much. Still, the attraction between Adriana and Cleve is visible to all. But when he leaves to track down Charlie Walden, he finds Adriana on the trail searching for her brother. This leaves Cleve to wonder if Antonio Fuentes is part of Walden's gang.

When they return to Ft. Worth, Adriana's father is waiting and they are forced to marry. Although they both care for one another, the shotgun marriage is not a good beginning for them.

At the MacKenzie ranch, the couple begin to work together and set aside their difficulties, but Cleve's mission to catch Walden leads to danger for the newlyweds.

This reader is sorry to see the trilogy end. The MacKenzie brothers and their wives are memorable characters. Ms. Leigh has written a wonderful love story full of plot twists and turns, but always with the happy ending romance readers adore. SENSUAL (June, 346 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner