Cole MacKenzie has wanderlust. First he was gold mining in Alaska; now he's gambling in San Francisco. But a telegram from his old friend Pop O'Shea sends him to New Mexico to help run a stagecoach line.

When he arrives, Pop is dead and his daughter, Maggie, is now Cole's responsibility. Maggie is no longer a little girl, but a lovely young woman who has been in love with Cole for years.

As a retired Texas Ranger, Cole is determined to stay and protect Maggie until he unravels the mystery surrounding Pop's death. While they fall in love, both Cole and Maggie see how important family truly is to their happiness. But there is still a stagecoach line to run and as strange accidents begin to impact on business, the plot thickens and the romance heats up.

Ms. Leigh again proves herself a wonderful storyteller, providing us with strong characters, warmth, humor and clever plot twists. It's clear from the first page that Cole and Maggie are meant for one another; but it is the unexpected way they get there that's the real pleasure of this romance. SENSUAL (Dec., 375 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner