Weve met Beth MacKenzie and Michael Jake Carrington before. Here, the tension between them, fueled by fierce competition between their families railroads, explodes.

Beth finds out her Rocky Mountain Railroad notes are owned by Jake. He proposes marriage to Beth for half-ownership of her own stock. Beth must agree: she wants to fulfill her fathers dream of completing a railroad from Denver to Texas.

How Jake woos and wins Beth (their card games are a real highlight) into becoming a loving wife is the central theme of this passionate and humorous romance, but there are villains aplenty who threaten both the railroad and Beth, helping her to realize just how much she does love Jake.

All the trials and tribulations make this a page turner. The railroad is completed, the villains uncovered, love blooms in many quarters, babies are born, the Walden gang makes a humorous appearance and the MacKenzie saga comes to an end, unless Ms. Leigh finds more MacKenzies. More, please more! SENSUAL (Sep., 375 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner