Josh Mackenzie has been walking in the shadow of his famous father Luke and uncles Cleve and Flint for a long time. Thats why he became a Pinkerton agent.

Joshs latest assignment, to find missing heiress Emily Lawrence and return her and the money she stole home to Long Island, should be easy. After all, how clever could a do-nothing spoiled rich girl be?

Emily felt inspiration strike when she saw the advertisement for waitresses to serve in the Harvey restaurants. This would be the perfect way to escape her tyrannical father, and not be forced into marriage.

When Emily and Josh meet on the train she realizes that Josh is on her trail and throws him off. In spite of the danger Josh represents, Emily is attracted to him.

After Josh realizes hes been duped, he begins to rethink their encounter and follows Emily to Las Vegas, where he finds her hard at work.

She doesnt fit into his preconceived notion of a rich girl on the run. Josh decides to seduce her to find out the truth, but his feelings for Emily get in the way. Emily decides to be nice to Josh and throw him off her trail, and therein lies the conflict and the crux of this special romance.

The tension, sexual and otherwise, between Josh and Emily explodes across the pages, each trying to fight their attraction to the other, but to no avail. Romance and understanding bloom between Josh and Emily and ultimately they face her father together.

Ms. Leigh has created another wonderful Mackenzie romance, filled with excellent characters that make a not-so-new plot move along at a rapid clip. The Harvey girls and their part in the growth of the American West adds interest and color. SENSUAL (May, 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner