Debra Dier always brings something new and special to the genre, and she has done it again. The growth of their relationship, Colin's adjustment to his new place in time and the machinations of a vengeful villain are the elements that draw the reader into this intriguing, fresh time travel romance.

Circumstances and the rules of 19th-century society force Lady Jane Eveleigh Stanbridge into marriage with Lancaster, a man she does not love. Since the moment they met, Lancaster has been fascinated with Jane. She is the only woman to rebuff him and he is willing to wait for her. If he cannot convince her to come to his bed in six months he will agree to an annulment.

But the strangest thing happens when he is hit on the head. Lancaster awakens, claiming to be Colin MacKenzie, Laird of his clan and a highland warrior from the 16th century.

Jane is sure Lancaster is playing a trick in order to consummate the marriage. But Colin's confusion is so real and he is so unlike Lancaster that she slowly begins to believe his fantastic tale and to fall in love with a stranger in her husbands body.

(May, 366 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin