While on the trail of the men who killed his mother, Flint MacKenzie sees a wagon train headed for disaster. The people won't believe him about the imminent Indian attack; all except Garnet Scott who follows him.

Though Flint has no plans to settle down and Garnet looks like the marrying kind, he agrees to take her with him to catch a stage.

The sexual tension between Flint and Garnet, or Redhead, as he calls her, is ever present. Garnet saves Flint from various disasters and Flint rescues her from mishaps as well. When their passion explodes, Flint makes it clear that there are no strings attached and Garnet agrees.

After Garnet saves Flint's life they head to the MacKenzie ranch where it is evident to the entire family they are in love. It will take a cattle drive, a kidnapping and a showdown with Flint's enemy to finally bring them together.

Ms. Leigh has again written a wonderful romance, filled with passion, sexual tension and interesting characters. There is humor and pathos flowing through the pages and readers will derive pleasure out of watching love flourish in a story where the action moves along faster than a stampede and the hero is a "keeper." VERY SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner