Image of The MacKinnon's Bride (The Highland Brides) (Volume 1)


Image of The MacKinnon's Bride (The Highland Brides) (Volume 1)

Determined to rescue his kidnapped son from the FitzSimon, an Englishman, Laird Iain MacKinnon cannot believe his good fortune when he and his men come upon FitzSimon's daughter. He could not have planned it better-a hostage for a hostage.

Page FitzSimon is spitting mad at the audacity of the scantily clad, wild Scotsmen. When the MacKinnon assures her she will be returned safely once he has his son, Page knows in her heart all is doomed, for her father despises her and will never risk King Henry's wrath.

FitzSimon stuns Iain when he denies he wants his daughter back and says he will, in fact, kill her if she returns. MacKinnon regains his son, but with her father's threat to kill her, he decides to keep Page as his "hostage."

Determined to escape despite the turbulent emotions Iain kindles, Page bedevils the MacKinnon and his poor clansmen on their trek into the Highlands with her madcap attempts at freedom. A traitor amongst them longs for MacKinnon to suffer and lose everything he holds dear.

With remarkable insight and soul stirring emotions, Ms. Crosby once again gives readers an enthralling glimpse into the human heart. Her richly drawn characters and vivid prose will draw you into ancient Scotland and a desperate love that will not be denied. Resounding with laughter and awash with immeasurable woe, THE MACKINNON'S BRIDE will remain in your heart long after the last page is turned. VERY SENSUAL (June, 373 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox