Alec MacLaren, recently healed war hero, will do any thing to help Robert Drummond. After finding his own son dead on the battlefield at Waterloo, Robert nursed Alec back to health. Distraught that his estranged daughter, Meg, is about to marry an Englishman, he asks Alec to bring Meg home. Alec agrees, remembering the childhood days when he and Meg were together, before Meg's mother took her to England.

Knowing only of her father's betrayal, Meg plans to remain a spinster despite her grandmother's mechanisms and the rumors of her impending marriage.

Alec kidnaps Meg, takes her to Scotland and discovers that Robert has planned to force their marriage. Meg is stubborn and refuses to admit that she still has feelings for Alec. Alec decides to woo Meg, for he realizes that he loves her and needs to win her trust. When Alec catches lung fever, she nurses him back to health using the "Stone of Virtue." Alec courts Meg and she begins to realize that she cannot fight her desire for him and the passion he offers.

When her grandmother tries to bring Meg back to London and Alec thwarts her, Meg sees that things are not what they seem and trust is the most important bond on which to base a marriage. Knowing this, Meg does what she must to bring her parents back together.

Ms. Dier has written a wonderful dual love story, filled with passion, humor, villains, surprises and adorable canines. This romance is a great read. SENSUAL (Sep., 359 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner