Image of MAC'S LAW (UNCHAINED Book 1)


Image of MAC'S LAW (UNCHAINED Book 1)

Mac Hollister is desperate to hire a cook for the Circle H Ranch. Without one, his men are threatening to strike, so he hires J.C. Sterns through an agency.

When Mac sees a petite female newcomer being harassed in town, he intervenes. But by the time his one- man cavalcade arrives, she's in control of the situation.

Jessica surprises Mac by introducing herself as J.C. Sterns, his new cook. Her life always revolved around doing what was right for everyone else; by accepting the position at the Circle H, she hopes that'll change. Her new employer radiates sexual intrigue. Will he open her eyes up to a whole new world?

McCarty has penned a delightful romance. The characters are a pure joy to get to know. The plot and setting add volumes to a wonderful book. (dl $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Suzie Housley