Image of Mad About the Earl (The Ministry of Marriage)


Image of Mad About the Earl (The Ministry of Marriage)

In a Ministry of Marriage novel you’re sure to get an intrepid heroine, intriguing hero, plenty of meddlesome aristocrats and unexpected plot twists and turns. There’s this and more in Brooke’s second of the series as she delivers her version of Beauty and the Beast, complete with a waltz, that readers will take to their hearts.

The Ministry of Marriage arranges matches designed to keep the wealth and power among the ton; love has nothing to do with it. But love is important to Lady Rosamund Westruther, who has adored her betrothed since she saw his face in a miniature. She has romanticized about their meeting for so long that she is stunned to discover he is not the dashing fiancé she dreamed about. Large and burly, looking more like a blacksmith than an earl, Griffin believes he just isn’t the right man for a beauty like Rosamund. He puts off their marriage for three years. It isn’t until his sister’s happiness is threatened by the meddlesome members of the Ministry that he agrees to wed. However, Rosamund wants a proper courtship and a passionate marriage. The love that she held for Griff is still powerful, but can their marriage withstand more matchmaking and a surprising problem? (ST. MARTIN’S, Jan., 328 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin