When her eccentric, elderly friend James Madison suddenly dies, Maddie Copeland has no clue about the legal time bomb he has left ticking. Once the owner of the hugely successful advertising firm of Madison & Madison, it is now being run by his grandson, Hank Madison. Concerned that his grandson has become a workaholic, James has instigated an outlandish will.

In order for Hank to inherit the company, he must take a six-week vacation in Hanscomb Harbor, Connecticut. He must conduct no business and continually report in to Maddie. If he fails, then Maddie will inherit everything. If Hank succeeds, then he gets the business and Maddie will get James personal fortune.

While Hank loved his wacky grandfather, this enforced vacation couldnt come at a worse time. There is a huge business deal in the offing, and now that Maddie is at least temporarily in charge, how is Hank going to salvage it?

Popular historical author Cheryl Anne Porter hits the ground running with her first contemporary release. Funny, poignant and just plain fun, this is a great read. (Sep., 368 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith