Max Nolan superstitiously believes in luck. But it's nowhere to be found when his current girlfriend angrily places all his clothes, including his lucky suit, in the pick-up bin for the charity shop Successfully Dressed. To get it back, he agrees to work for shop manager Lucy Logan as a volunteer.

Lucy finds Max to be hunk-a-licious, and Max thinks Lucy is an amazing distraction. Too bad neither one has the time or desire to get involved. However, Max ends up making many friends at the shop and getting more caught up in their lives than he ever dreamed possible. And Lucy's friends, who are now also Max's friends, think that Lucy and Max need to make time for one another -- and they do their best to see that they do.

This lighthearted romance has delightful main characters and some interesting and colorful secondary ones. The romance that develops between Lucy's friend and Max's business partner is as fun to watch as the one between Lucy and Max. But given the lack of birth control, Lucy is very lucky not to end up pregnant. (Jul., 352 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley