Image of The Mad, Bad Duke


Image of The Mad, Bad Duke

Ashley has hit her stride, and her vibrant voice reverberates through a humorous, smart, sexy romance with just enough ingenious paranormal overtones to hook you and keep you captivated. Best of all, you'll believe in the magic that is true love.

Meagan Tavistock doesn't believe in love potions, but she goes along with her best friend's notion to buy a talisman to lure the mad, bad duke Alexander into her bed. Little does Meagan realize that the potion will work for her. The minute she and Alexander meet, there's no stopping the pulse-pounding sexual longing. They try to resist, but the temptation is overpowering. When caught in a compromising position, they have no choice but to wed.

Meagan wonders if the potion made them fall in love, or if their attraction is real. As she's drawn into Alexander's world, she discovers a dangerous mission he must conclude and the secret he has been hiding: his ability to shape-shift -- the reason for his animal magnetism. (Leisure, Dec., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin