The house at 14 Beaulieu Crescent is a "discreet house of pleasure" run by Madam Charlie. Jordan Lyndhurst, Earl of Calverton, comes to the Crescent looking for someone to treat an old injury, and Charlie is the only one who can help him.

Their attraction is swift and intense, but Charlie keeps her distance. However, Jordan gets an opportunity to act on his emotions when he brings her home after finding her injured in an attempt to protect a young girl. When someone tries to burn down the Crescent and Charlie's life is threatened, Jordan vows to keep her safe. Will they be able to deal with all these threats and find happiness together?

Kelly pens a good, solid story, set in the Regency period, with lots of twists, memorable characters and many secrets to keep readers engrossed. (dl $6.20)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager