Image of Madame's Deception


Image of Madame's Deception

Bernard hits the mark
for sizzling-hot romance, developing a well-crafted story around the classic erotic fantasy of the student and the teacher and spinning an element of suspense into the plotline.

Jocelyn Tolliver is 17 when she inherits a famous brothel, the Crimson Belle, from her mother. Though she knows everything about the act of love, she knows nothing about being in love. Then Alex Randall comes for "lessons."

Since he first saw her, Alex hasn't forgotten the copper-haired siren, and he comes with a proposal: be his for the season. Their liaison is all they dreamed it could be: intellectual conversation, friendship, fantasy and all-searing passion. Their time together is a dream come true, but the real world is a nightmare where courtesans are being murdered. Once the season ends, so will their affair, leaving Jocelyn vulnerable and in danger -- unless she's willing to take the greatest risk of all. (Pocket, Sep., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin