Image of Made to Be Broken


Image of Made to Be Broken

The line between right and wrong
is pretty smudged as far as hit woman Nadia Stafford is concerned. But
some injustices cry out for retribution. Readers are again invited for a bird's-eye perspective of Nadia's dark and deliberately compartmentalized world. With Armstrong's intricate plotting and her character's quest for justice, she pulls off a riveting and somewhat melancholy thriller starring a true

Although Nadia has taken great pains to keep her assassin career separate from her life running a Canadian wilderness lodge, two fellow assassins end up staying there. Jack, her friend and mentor, is there because of a broken foot, but Quinn shows up after following a clue to her real identity.

When her teenage employee Sammi, and Sammi's infant daughter Destiny, suddenly "leave town," Nadia suspects it wasn't voluntarily and fears that the baby was the real target. Obsessed with getting vengeance and finding Destiny, Nadia agrees to accept help from both Jack and Quinn in this heart-rending case. (BANTAM SPECTRA, Mar., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith