Image of Made in Texas!


Image of Made in Texas!
MADE IN TEXAS! (4.5) by Crystal Green: Turning the Flying B ranch into the Flying B&B is a bittersweet reminder to co-owner Donna Byrd about the devastating secrets haunting her family — secrets that are still being uncovered. It’s why she has vowed to return to the anonymity of the city. But she doesn’t count on her feelings for ranch hand Caleb Granger and his sexy dimples. Caleb has fallen hard for Donna, too, but can a city girl and country boy find love together? Green’s Texas romance is full of humor, including catchy, kitschy quotes, and it keeps the pages turning and the love story fresh, sweet and funny. Her duo may not seem to be a match at first, but she makes it fun to watch them fall.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt