Image of Madhouse


Image of Madhouse

According to Cal's sarcastic first-person perspective, life in New York City is just as nasty and gritty as ever in this dark urban noir tale of two brothers. The endlessly creepy adventures of the Leandros brothers continue at a rapid clip, with many a nasty twist unfolding.

Despite his sardonic wit and snarky comments, half-human/half-Auphe Cal Leandros is still shaken at nearly losing his half-brother Niko during a case gone bad. Cal rescued Niko with the help of their friend, the puck Robin Goodfellow. This time around it's Robin who needs the brothers' preternatural detective services, because someone is trying to kill him.

Unfortunately the list of people with grudges against Robin is extensive, so finding and stopping the assassin won't be easy. Complicating matters is the sudden supernatural resurrection of serial killer Sawney Beane, who's rampaging through New York, but this time he seems nearly impossible to kill. Looks like Cal and Niko are really going to earn this paycheck! (ROC, Mar., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith