Oliver's brilliant third Time Rovers novel brings back all of the mayhem that fans have been waiting for. It's another impressive blend of science fiction, paranormal, mystery and romance. The author is equally comfortable whether she's writing about the future or providing vivid details of Victorian life. This plot is complex, so readers may want to begin with the first in the series -- the better to follow the story through to its stunning conclusion.

Time Rover Jacynda Lassiter has her memory wiped and is committed to Bedlam, an insane asylum, in 1888 London. She has no idea her two Victorian friends are in trouble. Detective-Sergeant Jonathon Keats is apprehended for a murder he didn't commit, and Dr. Alastair Montrose is forced to use his power as a Transitive shape-shifter. Will Jacynda recover in time to prevent a multi-century plot that may change the course of history? (DRAGON MOON, Oct. '08, 352 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski