Image of Maelstrom (Destroyermen)


Image of Maelstrom (Destroyermen)

The third thrilling book in the riveting Destroyermen trilogy plunges readers into a carefully crafted alternate world. Anderson's brilliant eye for historical detail brings reality to a plot that combines military science fiction with fantasy. Readers will have trouble putting this one down. It's a terrific story with unforgettable heroes, exotic locales, rip-roaring battles and quite a grand finale.

Two American destroyers go through a squall during a battle with Japanese forces in World War II and emerge in an alternate world. The Americans, led by Lt. Commander Matt Reddy, align themselves with a peace-loving race of Lemurians and are thrust into war with the Grik, a race of evil raptors that far outnumbers them.

As the final battle approaches they look for allies, but the Japanese ship Amagi, led by a fanatical commander, followed them into this world, and they are aligned with the Grik. (ROC, Feb., 400 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski