Image of The Mage (The Sons of Destiny, Book 8)


Image of The Mage (The Sons of Destiny, Book 8)

After eight magical books, the saga of the Sons of Destiny comes to a riveting and highly satisfactory conclusion. As with the previous novels, Johnson adds twists that force her characters to grow and change. She's definitely saved the best for last in this magical and unforgettable series.

After watching and maneuvering his seven brothers into marriages, it's finally time for Morganen to fulfill the prophecy and meet his own romantic destiny. But as so often happens, things don't go according to plan. When Morganen's beloved Hope is pulled through from Queen Kelly's dimension, they learn a startling and disturbing fact: Hope is actually the last Duchess Haupanea of Nightfall, who disappeared 200 years ago. Everything Morg thought he knew about Hope changes.

Her identity could impact the brothers' attempt to get Nightfall declared a kingdom, with Kelly as its queen, and as the convocation of the gods grows closer, forces from Katan scheme to destroy their plans. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Apr., 376 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith