Each of the four independent-minded Donnelly sister have been given a business to run by their father. The eldest, Maggie, is in charge of the saloon. But the Four Roses is not just any saloon on San Francisco's Barbary Coast, it is the finest and most "respectable" saloon in town.

Maggie is stunned to learn that her father has sold his share of the business to Cutter, for the man had been Maggie's lover.

The attraction between Maggie and Cutter is just waiting for a spark, even though Cutter tries his best to avoid Maggie while she wages an all-out campaign to seduce him!

But Cutter is haunted by the past and needs to return to his home in Georgia to "prove his worth." No matter how much she loves him, Maggie wants more than Cutter is willing to give until he can let the past go. Maggie risks everything on the turn of a card and comes up a winner.

Ann Carberry has written an excellent relationship book with a cast of marvelous characters, lovingly crafted to capture her readers' interest. They'll hardly be able to wait for the next Donnelly sister story! SENSUAL (June, 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager