Raised by a widowed father, Maggie Harper knows all there is to know about the newspaper business. But when shes abandoned and shamed by her army beau, she heads to Gillespie Springs where a new start and a newspaper job await.

When Garrick Devlin sees a woman, and a Yankee woman at that, standing before him he is furious. Deserted by his wife after being wounded in the war was bad enough, but now shes sent their son to live with him. With a child and a newspaper to run, hes got trouble. Yet he stubbornly refuses Maggies help until headline news occurs.

Maggie and Garrick not only create a popular weekly, they galvanize the town. Passion blooms under the hot Texas sun before a garrison of Blue Coats arrive.

Sent to Gillespie Springs to stop a rash of robberies, the troops are captained by her old beau, a dangerous man who wants Maggie back at any cost.

With the entire town in an uproar, Maggie is forced to barter herself for anothers life and risk losing the man she loves.

Ms. Grant pens a quiet, intense tale of people who must make themselves worthy of love. An irresistible read. SENSUAL (May, 299 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black