Historical romance novelist Maggie Kelly has turned her writing skills to mystery, creating the dashing Regency sleuth Alexandre Drake, Viscount Saint Just, and his comic sidekick, Sterling Balder. Handsome St. Just is the man of many women's dreams. But then he becomes the man of Maggie's reality—one day, he and Balder just materialize in her living room!

To her shock, St. Just and Balder don't disappear but start adapting very quickly to 21st-century life. Balder develops a love for Cocoa Puffs; St. Just enjoys charging things on Maggie's credit cards. Try as she might, Maggie can't get rid of them, they're there, enjoying life to the fullest!

Maggie's editor is Kirk Toland, a heel she had an affair with. After dining at her apartment, Kirk keels over, and it turns out he's been poisoned. Homicide Det. Wendell takes over and Maggie's his chief suspect. She need not worry, however, for St. Just vows to solve the crime!

The innovative Kasey Michaels comes up with a bewitching story that will have you laughing out loud. The plot is fresh, Maggie appealing, Det. Wendell charming, and St. Just—well, meet him and decide! (Jul., 320 pp., $22.00)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg