The desire to grant her daughter Hollys wish compels Maggie Hollister to hire a tracker to find the man who abandoned her seven years ago and bring him back for Hollys Christmas/birthday present.

Matt Weston retired from the Texas rangers after he was wounded and agrees to locate Rafe Hollister only if Maggie tells him the whole truth about her marriage and the wastrel who ran out on his pregnant bride.

Even before he tracks Rafe, Matt has little use for the man, but he finds Maggie to be an admirable, warm and courageous woman. Against his will Matt is falling in love with Maggie and her adorable daughter.

True to his word, Matt finds Hollister, hog ties him and brings him to Prescott, keeping him in an isolated cabin until Christmas.

As time passes Maggie finds herself strongly attracted to Matt, but she wants Rafe backor does she? Complications arise as Rafes friend Peggy comes in search of her man. Matt and Maggies passion soar, Hollys enthusiasm for a father reaches new heights and Rafes secrets are revealed.

MAGGIES WISH combines the realism of an Americana romance with the fuzzy feeling of a Christmas story, and the grit of a western, bringing readers a truly delightful tale that blends the spirit of the season with the wonder of love. SENSUAL (Dec., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin