Mary Fallon Delany believes she can summon the legendary hero, Ciran of the Mists, who appears every 300 years to save the Irish people. Mary brings the brooch which her mother gave her to Ciaran's castle; she sees a naked man emerge. It appears to be her hero.

Ciaran has no memory or identity. He finds it difficult to believe Fallon's story, but accepts his name and with it, the task of saving the castle from the Englishman named Redmayne.

Determined to prove Fallon a traitor, Redmayne forces her marriage to Ciaran, hoping to expose the smuggler known as Silver Hand. Now wed, Ciaran finds himself unable to resist the temptation of loving the fey Fallon. She gives all her love and passions freely to a man she has loved in her heart for years.

Though he may or may not be the mythical hero, Ciaran begins to act like one, living up to her expectations by securing the castle's future and sacrificing himself to save her family. Ciaran becomes a true hero, not of mist and magic, but of flesh and blood, bound by love to a wondrous woman.

Kimberly Cates is a magician with words as she weaves a spell of enchantment around readers. The joy of fairytales and the everlasting beauty of true lovemakes MAGIC wonderful; It's a tale full of belief in everything good, heroic, chivalrous, and mystical. SENSUAL (Apr., 249 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin