The mysterious Princess Sasha (who has the ability to read minds), her maid Elspeth and her beloved friend Biagio have traveled far and wide hoping to fulfill a gypsy prophecy that foretold of a champion, a mythical griffyn, who would restore to her that which had been lost.

Sasha has searched for years for a sign that the gypsy's words were true. At long last she finds the fierce warrior who is her destiny. Alas, his mind is closed to her. All she needs to do is convince him to be her champion.

Rhys ap Griffyn has been with Richard on the crusades and has returned home to claim his inheritance and secure his lands. When he comes upon a maiden, his men believe her to be a fairy. Indeed, she does disappear and appear, seeming to know the minds of others and to possess healing powers. Rhys fears she's in league with Prince John and takes her to Glenlyon to watch over her.

Rhys and Sasha are ensnared in a web of intrigue. Danger lurks for them all as Rhys battles the forces who would steal his heritage. Together they confront their past and their entwined destiny.

THE MAGIC is a brilliant tapestry interweaving shimmering threads of mysticism, intrigue, gallantry, passion, honor and love into a medieval tale that will hold you enthralled till the end. Ms. Garnett breathes life into an era long since past. VERY SENSUAL (July, 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox