Filled with magic -- both of the witch world and the romance world -- complicated family relationships and a heavy dose of chick-lit humor, this story is the perfect ending to the series. Readers familiar with the previous two books will continue to love the eccentric characters, be moved by their relationships and enjoy the completion of the storylines. New readers, however, may find the story lacking in forward motion and will miss out on the poignancy of the tale without the previous stories.

After Jane Madison doesn't use her magical powers for months, they quickly disintegrate. But her power isn't all she stands to lose as her mother plans to move away, her best friend enters a promising relationship and her familiar and warder become "available" for another witch to own. While trying to enjoy her own blossoming romance, Jane scrambles to concoct plan after plan that will bring her world to order -- all the while struggling with whether or not she really wants to regain her witchy powers. (Red Dress Ink, Oct., 416 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen