Healer Meredith of Cryminy needs Scots warrior Davey Gunn to wield the magical Sword of Justice and accompany her to reclaim powerful ancient relics and return them to her people.

The moment Meredith walks into the great hall, Daveys sight tells him she is the one woman he will love forever. However, he mustnt use his charms to seduce Meredith on their journey.

Merediths enemy, the ruthless Owain, sets traps ahead and behind them. They fight assassins, fire and kidnapping, doing anything and everything to fulfill Merediths vow. It is the strength of their love that gives them the ultimate power over the evil forces of Owain.

In the tradition of sword and sorcery historical romance, Theresa Michaels turns medieval Scotland into a land of myth and magic, but the true magic is in her marvelous storytelling that completely captivates the reader. You will be glued to the pages of this tightly woven tale, wishing you were Meredith with Davey at your side. There is great power in each and every page that will hold you spellbound until the triumphant climax. (Jul., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin