Image of The Magic Between Us (Faerie)


Image of The Magic Between Us (Faerie)

For fans of Falkner’s fae series, this installment will be a piece of the puzzle they have been waiting to read, while those new to the series may feel a bit in the dark — sensing a need for more background and a fuller understanding of the characters. Those willing to go along with the premise will be delighted by the well-crafted setting, which Falkner enhances with the serious theme of addiction and a delightful love story.

Marcus Thorne has always believed that he would live in the land of the fae, one day becoming a trusted leader and marrying Cecelia Hewitt. But he is to leave his home, reunite with his parents in the human world, claim his father’s title and live as an English aristocrat. Marcus is torn between his wish to remain and following his duty to his family. Marcus leaves a heartbroken Cecelia behind, but she is far stronger than she appears. Just as Marcus is coming to grips with his new life, she appears. Marcus must come up with a plan that will force Cecelia to put the past aside. Cecelia is not about to make things easy for Marcus, and their courtship has many ups and downs — until they realize there is a way to bring their worlds together. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jan., 320 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin