The final volume in the Magic trilogy
is a daring tale of a marriage that starts out as as a political alliance
but becomes much more. Anton
knows her history, and the well-
drawn backdrop adds depth and dimension to her entertaining story.

For eight years Nicole de Leon, the king's ward, has been imprisoned at Bedloe Abbey. While King Stephen has plans to marry her to a Welsh nobleman to cement his hold over the land, his illness leaves this plan unresolved. Nicole's uncle has other ideas. He hopes to foil Stephen's plans by kidnapping Nicole with the help of warrior bard Rhodri ap Dafydd. Rhodri has no interest in the fight between her uncle, who is his liege lord, and the king. But Nicole is a temptation. Her tongue is sharp, and her wits sharper. She is brave, loyal and a seer who speaks with the dead. But he's not of noble blood and, though they are brought together by his mission, they appear destined to be torn apart by war.

Still, the love they found cannot be destroyed, as witnessed by his willingness to drop out of the competition to be Bard of Wales in order to save and protect Nicole. (Forever, Jul., 300 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin