Image of The Magic of "I Do" (Faerie)


Image of The Magic of "I Do" (Faerie)

Falkner’s debut garnered her fans eager for funny, sexy and enchanting romances. The hilarious banter between the characters in The Magic of “I Do” will make you laugh out loud, the danger will send chills down your spine and the romance will bring sighs of joy to your lips.

When magic is banned in her kingdom, fairie Claire Thorne flees through a portal to the human world and lands in Lord Phineas Tremble’s room. Being chivalrous, he decides to set himself up as Claire’s protector. Claire believes she needs no defending — especially from a man like Finn, more interested in gambling and women then heroics. Finn is determined to see that Claire is safe in a world she doesn’t truly understand, especially when Claire is given a mission. She is to trap a killer. Their verbal sparring reaches new heights as this stubborn human and fairie butt heads, end up in each other’s arms and try to find a world between her realm and his. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jun., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin