An illegitimate son of the deceased fourth Earl of Ives, hot-tempered Aidan Dougal now enjoys the friendship of his half-brothers and their fey wives. When his enemy, Lady Gabriel, tries to lay claim to his lands, he needs help researching his ancestry.

Aid comes from Mora Abbott, who has recently begun exploring her magical talents. Her offer to help Aidan might also help her own cause. Aidan is quite taken by this beautiful and interesting female.

The voices that Mora hears lead them to ancient scrolls, but will she lose Aidan when they discover what these writings divulge? Mora must convince him that they balance each other and, with their combined magical powers, will be the teachers of generations to come.

In this delightful conclusion to the Magic series, Rice gives readers a thoughtful giant of a man who can bring down mountains, but with gentle touches can make the earth tremble for the woman he loves. This is a sensual, poignant, humorous and magical read. SENSUAL (Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond