Image of Magic Possessed: The Hidden Series: Book 2


Image of Magic Possessed: The Hidden Series: Book 2

Dark schemes are hatching as Rush makes a splendid return to her world where dragons, sorcerers (deuces) and angels walk hidden among us. Bigotry and tight-knit clans are proving to be a killer’s best accomplice, forcing one stubborn dragon to attempt to stop the carnage. Rush continues to stake out her territory in the paranormal romance world by delivering exciting, complex and passionate tales.

Crescent Dragon Violet Castanega lives with her family on the outskirts of Florida City in an area known as the Fringe. Clannish by nature, there have been many bloody feuds over the years between dragon families, so when Violet finds her brother Arlo murdered, her other brothers want vengeance. When Violet starts asking questions, she discovers there have been six murders/vengeance killings in the last 10 days. Suspecting someone is orchestrating this, Violet turns to local law enforcement, the Guard. Guard member and deuce Kade Kavanaugh is disturbed when he is ordered to assassinate Violet. Kade’s instincts are screaming something is wrong, but disobeying orders will put his career and life on the line. (FOREVER, Feb., 368 pp., $8.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith