It takes both talent and hard work to keep a series consistently high quality, a feat ably demonstrated by Andrews as she places Kate Daniels in a brand-new apocalyptic stew. Andrews’ intricate, detailed worldbuilding provides such a rich backdrop for the story that it nearly becomes a character itself. Add in clearly defined and layered characters, not to mention amazing kick-butt action, and you’ve got one unbeatable series. No one does it better!

In the aftermath of her Aunt Erra’s deadly rampage, Kate is charting a new course in her life. Now mated with the Beast Lord Curran and living in the Keep, she also is trying to start her own PI firm, Cutting Edge Investigations. With the Order bad-mouthing her, clients have been few. The good news is that her best friend, the beastkin Andrea Nash, has returned and decided to join the firm. That same day they get their first significant client, The Red Guard, who want Kate to find a missing scientist and the device he was working on. Things go from bad to potentially apocalyptically bad when Kate and Andrea learn just what this device is capable of! (ACE, Jun., 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith