Image of Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels)


Image of Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels)

Kate Daniel's terrifying heritage comes into focus in
this blockbuster of a third book. Andrews' crisp dialogue and layered characterization make the gut-wrenching action of this first-person thrill ride all the more intense. One fascinating element of this series has been watching the loner heroine forced into making emotional connections. Devotees of Kate and Curran will be savoring every word as this mesmerizing tale unfolds. Place your book orders now; it's worth every penny!

Kate should have known she was heading for trouble when she tried to discover what her teen werewolf sidekick Derek was involved in: He wanted to rescue a girl from the illegal, no-holds-barred Midnight Games. When he's found almost beaten to death, Kate becomes rabid.

Complicating the matter, Derek and Jim have been working an investigation without the Beast Lord Curran's permission. Kate is caught in the middle, determined to avenge Derek while trying to stay a step ahead of Curran, who continues to keep her sexually off-balance. Then things go from bad to horrifying when Kate learns the exact nature of the evil plan at work. (ACE, Apr., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith