Image of Magic Study (Study, Book 2)


Image of Magic Study (Study, Book 2)

This second book in the series lives
up to the first, Poison Study. Snyder's clear, straightforward, yet beautifully descriptive style is refreshing, while
the story itself is completely engrossing. New readers may be a little lost at first, but will soon want to acquire Snyder's first book while eagerly awaiting
the next.

Former poison taster Yelena journeys to her former home and is reunited with her parents and distrustful brother after being abducted 14 years ago. Too soon, Yelena reports to the Citadel to begin magic study to control her wild talents. Her propensity for trouble, however, entangles her with a displaced king, jealous students and a gluttonous horse. Then a serial killer surfaces and Yelena uses her magical skill and newfound friends to find him before he strikes again. (LUNA, Oct., 400 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer R. Wells-Marani