When Tempest hits a man while driving home, this magical witch is faced with a quandry. The man is conscious, so Tempest cannot magically heal his broken leg. Despite his tough appearance, Tempest senses kindness within him.

She also realizes he may be her fate. Centuries earlier, she fell in love with Marcus, a warlock who fell to the dark side. Tempest couldnt bear to destroy him, so instead she banished his soul, but cast the spell so he could return again and learn from his mistakes.

Within Michael, Tempest feels the soul of Marcus straining to get out. Michael begins having disturbing dreams. Will the lessons Michael learned in this life be enough to save him once he regains memories of his immense powers and past? This time, if Marcus uses his powers for evil, Tempest will be forced to destroy him.

In Tempest and Michael, author Donna Fletcher has created unique, highly intriguing individuals. Ms. Fletchers world of magic is a fascinating and enriching place to visit. (Aug., 314 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith