Attorney Taylor Cates works with the residents of a battered womens shelter. When several of them admit they wish their husbands were dead, Taylor thinks nothing of these statementsuntil several of the husbands are found murdered. Her apprehensions intensify when private investigator Stone Emerson shows up to talk to the women at the shelter because one of his clientsthe husband of a shelter resident has received a death threat. Though Taylor is attracted to the handsome P.I., she cant divulge information about the shelters residents. Yet, she doesnt want to see another husband murderedabuser or not. As the bodies mount up, Taylor is shocked to discover she has now become a suspect!

Stone has been after Taylor from the first time they met. Shes never given him anything other than the professional time of day, but lately, the chemistry between them is crackling like fat in a fire. As he works to protect his client, Stone is also aware that sooner or later, Taylor may become the killers target, or worse, the killers fall guy. Racing against time, Stone tries to solve the murders in order to protect and serve the woman he loves.

A MAGICAL MOMENT is an interesting blend of paranormal, suspense and romance that defies the traditional conventions of romantic suspense. In her own magical style, Ms. Jackson continues to make new literary roads into the romance genre. (June, 249 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson