Wonderfully eerie and darkly creepy, THE MAGICIAN is the perfect book for those looking for a savory paranormal treat. Author Carla Cook (aka Carla Cassidy) uses her storytelling skills to great advantage, making this a gripping and dynamic thriller.

Six-year-old Gina Marlowe is afraid to fall asleep. For the last few weeks in her dreams, Gina flies "into a dark tunnel" and she fears one day she won't return to her body. At first, widow Katherine Marlowe thinks her daughter is suffering from nightmares, but when she discovers Gina unconscious and not breathing, Katherine panics. After Gina awakes in the hospital, the doctors are amazed to discover that nothing is wrong with her.

For weeks, magician Lucas Connelly has sensed the presence of an evil force. Not understanding why, he knows he's been selected to fight this evil. When the name Gina Marlowe pops into his head, Lucas realizes he must find this little girl.

Initially suspicious of Lucas when he turns up claiming that Gina is in grave danger, the discovery that twelve other children are in comas after suffering from the same symptoms as Gina forces Katherine to reconsider. Gina senses that Lucas is there to save her and that the seductive voice from the dark tunnel is lying to her.

(Jun., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith