Love Spell kicks off a new historical fantasy romances series to add magic and fun to the reading experience.

Warrick believes he is a bumbling magician. When experimenting with a new incantation, his beloved mentor Hua Te disappears. To find a way to reverse the spell, Warrick visits astronomer and part-time magician, John of Cornwall.

On his death bed, John promises to help Warrick if he vows to care for John's daughter, Sophia, by delivering her to relatives in Byzantine. John is no loving father; he is more concerned that Warrick deliver his precious crystal ball and his life's work to Byzantine.

Just before he dies, John calls upon a jinni to help his daughter. Genie, as she is not surprisingly called, is a breath of amiable, fun-loving and wise fresh air. She immediately takes the drab Sophia under her wing. Reluctant to leave for Byzantine, Sophia flees for her life as she realizes the sheik wants her father's possessions...including her.

Sophia and Warrick's growing interest in each other is matched with magic that is limited to each player. THE MAGICIAN'S LOVER is a fine "chase and run" story with a sensual romance woven into the plot, though the writing is occasionally slow and choppy. (June, 396 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer