Combining paranormal elements with a unique historical setting, Claire Delacroix presents readers with a tale of a lovely young dancer and a shaman who must accept his destiny.

When tavern dancer Alifa catches the attention of a young man whose green eyes beckon her, she hopes she can earn enough money to pay a shaman to heal her little brother.

For years Yusuf has lived the exemplary life of a Muslim, forgetting his past and the powers that are part of his heritage. His one night of passion with Alifa unleashes the beast he has kept hidden for years.

Even knowing that Yusuf is a shapeshifter does not deter Alifa from following him to the Berber mountain village, where his father will heal the boy. Their journey is one of passion and fear, as Yusuf must come to grips with his denial of his true self.

The plans of Alifa's rebellious brother and Yusuf's pride and fear almost destroy their relationship, but love and truth ultimately conquer evil and suspicion.

THE MAGICIAN'S QUEST is one more in a string of Claire Delacroix's different romances that open readers' minds to unusual historical events and situations. Those who enjoy fantasy along with their romance might truly enjoy her latest. SWEET (Aug., 380 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin