Image of Magic's Design


Image of Magic's Design

The mysterious power of painted pysanky eggs is the focal point of this utterly unique and magical adventure by the duo of C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp. Step into a story that is intelligent,
exciting and populated by multifaceted characters -- one that also delivers a distinctive mythos. It's time and money definitely well spent!

The fate of a world hangs in the balance as a young woman discovers her uncommon legacy. Overworld police officer Talos Onan and his friend Alexy Duvrot are out of their league when they try to stop the breakout of Rohm prison's most dangerous criminal, Vegre. A clue leads Tal and Alexy away from their underground world to Mila Penkin's Denver home.

Mila learned the intricate Ukrainian skill of dyeing pysanky eggs from her Baba and is shocked to discover that her Baba's stories about an underground magical Guilder society are true. Vegre is tremendously powerful and dangerous. It may be up to Mila's burgeoning magical powers to save the Tree of Life.

(TOR PARANORMAL ROMANCE, Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith