Image of The Magnate's Baby Promise (Silhouette Desire)


Image of The Magnate's Baby Promise (Silhouette Desire)

THE MAGNATE'S BABY PROMISE (4) by Paula Roe: Cal Prescott's life goal has been to have complete control of VP Tech, and no one, not even his scheming father, is going to stand in his way. But the only way to wrest control of the company from his stepbrother is to be the first to marry and have an heir. Cal hits the jackpot after one night with B&B owner Ava Reilly. Pregnant, alone and with a business on the verge of bankruptcy, she's the answer to his problems. But Ava will only marry him if he helps her inn. Cal's single-mindedness and Ava's uncertainty may sabotage their future, until his past comes back to haunt them. Roe's characters are colorful and believable. You'll be rooting for them to overcome each obstacle.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper