Image of The Magnate's Pregnancy Proposal


Image of The Magnate's Pregnancy Proposal
THE MAGNATE'S PREGNANCY PROPOSAL (3) by Sandra Hyatt: Gabe Masters had a plan for everything except for Chastity Stevens. Beautiful and vibrant, she makes any man in the room take a second look, and she's just told him that he's going to be an uncle. Resentful and confused about her role in his brother's life, Gabe hides the true circumstances of her pregnancy and tries to win her trust so he can be a father to the baby. Written off by his family as a gold digger, Chastity decides to raise the baby on her own. Will a week on a secluded island be enough to bridge the gap between them? Hyatt's characters are stubborn, interesting and slightly dark, but they're not compelling enough for this complicated plot.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper