Image of Magnolia Creek


Image of Magnolia Creek

Just before Dru Talbot rides off to join the Confederate Army, he marries Sara Collier. Hardly a bride, Sara becomes a widow when Dru is killed in battle.

Burying her grief, she tries to move on with her life, meeting a new man and having a child with him. But suddenly Dru returns, very much alive, haunted by visions of the war and the horrors he suffered in a Union prison, and recovering from amnesia. Dru hopes to reclaim his wife and rebuild his life, but nothing is as he remembers. In the wake of hurt feelings, will their chance for happiness slip away?

This novel about the power and beauty of second chances showcases Ms. Landis's unique ability to write with tenderness and grit. She shows the good, bad and ugly sides of human nature, yet always allows good to triumph. Her characters' powerful emotions are transferred to us as we feel everything they experience. By bringing in the hardships of the era, Ms. Landis paints an accurate portrait of reconstruction within the confines of a beautiful romance. SENSUAL (Aug., 300 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin