Blue Bayou, Louisiana, mayor Nate Callahan makes an unusual discovery in his deceased father's files. In one file are stock certificates for Melancon Petroleum in the name of Linda Dale. According to the file, Linda committed suicide 31 years ago. The records also indicate that Nate's father believed it was murder not suicide. Linda left behind an infant daughter Regan who was taken in by her aunt, Karen Hart.

Now a Los Angeles homicide detective, Regan is disturbed by Nate's bombshell. She believed her mother was the now-deceased Karen. Discovering that she may have been the child of a homicide victim is not something Regan can ignore.

With his two brothers happily married, Nate is the final holdout for bachelorhood. Having the attractive Ms. Hart in town is no hardship, and Nate genuinely wants to help her. However, some people want Linda Dale's death to stay buried.

Perennial favorite JoAnn Ross wraps up the hugely engaging trilogy about the Callahan boys in great style. Filled with emotion, passion and a touch of suspense, this is just plain fun reading. (Mar., 369 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith