Geeky Jordan Weston was glad to get away from Magnolia, South Carolina, and pursue her love of theater. But after inheriting her grandmother's property, she returns home from New York to restore and sell it. With only a handful of qualified workers, she has no other choice but to hire her old high school crush, Sam Tanner.

Sam is quite intuitive about Jordan's old feelings—and he desires her too. But no matter how passionate they are in close quarters, Jordan still has every intention of returning to New York as soon as possible.

Magnolia Summer is a well-done and touching romance. Jordan's emotions and her reaction to Sam are powerfully real, and he is a to-die-for hero. Burton exquisitely delivers an affecting resolution, and there is no question that fate plays a strong role in reuniting two people who are perfect for one another. (dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling