In the world of Shareem, men were genetically created to fulfill the sensual fantasies of women, but only one such female was ever created because that kind of perfection was too intimidating. Maia, the female prototype, has long loved Rylan, but the corporation wants her to remain a virgin, so their desire for each other has never been completely fulfilled. Still, he's been teaching her about sensual delight.

When the entire DNAmo Corporation is abruptly closed down, the Shareem scatter to save themselves. Maia disappears, but Rylan neither forgets her nor stops looking for her for 20 years. When she's found hidden in a crate, it's too much to hope that she can be brought back to life without damage.

Highly sensual, James' brief tale with explicit sex and light bondage is a romantic story about lasting love. (dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor